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 Beans We Roast
We select only the highest quality beans from global growing regions and Custom Roast for YOU the day you call.

ECLIPSE Blend                        $15.00 LB

Bali Blue Moon*                        $15.00 LB
Costa Rica                                $14.00 LB
Ethiopia Limu  *                        $14.00 LB
Ethiopia Sidama*                      $14.00 LB
Guatemala                                $14.00 LB
India Monsooned Malabar        $14.00 LB
Java Estate *                            $14.00 LB
Kenya                                       $15.00 LB
Mexico                                      $14.00 LB
Panama Boquet                       $14.00 LB  
Papua New Guinea *               $14.00 LB
Peru                                         $14.00 LB
Sumatra Mandheling *             $14.00 LB
Tanzania Peaberry                  $14.00 LB

Water Process Decaf             $15.00 LB
  (bean origin varies)

Highlited (*) are usually dark roast
 Rooibos Tea
Premium Teas 
P. Hawk Coffee and Tea Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality coffees and teas.  All of the products we offer are from trusted sources.  If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact us.
This red tea (an herbal tisane) contains no caffeine and more antioxidants than green tea.  
PLAIN or FLAVORED $8.00 1/4 LB

Black Currant
Blueberry Bang
Cinnamon Bun Chai
Creme au Caramel
Masala Chai (Traditional)
Earl Grey
Ginger (Thai Lemon Ginger
Giverny Monet (choc-pineapple w/
     nut extract
Dutch Licorice
Florida Orange
Georgia Peach
Corsican Pear
Pina Colada
Provence (lavender & rose hips)
Rainbow (almond-amaretto)
Sgt. Peppers (orange w/hot finish)
Le Marche' Spice (cinnamon)
Bourbon Street Vanilla (w/amonds)
Winter Palace Marzipan(w/almonds)
Our loose-leaf teas are of the highest quality, selected for their particular nuances from growing regions around the world.
   Lucky Dragon Hyson
        China     2oz  $7.00    
   Superior Gunpowder
        China     2oz  $7.00    
   Genmaicha   [the "rice" tea]
        Japan    2oz  $7.00    
        Japan    2oz  $7.00           Drangonwell Lung Ching
        China    2oz  $9.00     

   Keemun Panda #1
      China     2oz  $7.00 
     Lapsang Souchong
      China     2oz  $7.00
     Chingwo County
      China     2oz  $7.00
    Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan
                    2oz  $7.00 
Matcha Tea
          2oz  $8.00     
  Blood Orange
  Clementine Clove
  Alpen Mulled Wine
  German Gingerbread

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
                   2oz  $7.00
   English Breakfast
   Irish Breakfast
   Earl Grey
   Cream Earl Grey
   Scottish Breakfast
   Study Buddy              2oz  $6.00
   Egyptian Camomile
               2oz  $7.00    
​   Peppermint
               2oz  $7.00    
               1oz  $8.00
   Assam    Tarajulie Estate
      India       2oz  $8.00

   Ceylon    Kenilworth Estate
      Sri Lanka  2oz  $8.00

   Chai        Cochin Masala               
      Black      2oz  $8.00

   Margaret's Hope Estate                          India      2oz  $8.00    

   Jasmine w/Flowers
      China     2oz  $8.00     

    Mint         Moroccan Madness
      Black     2oz  $8.00     

   Oolong    Phoenix #1
                   Iron  Goddess
           China    2oz  $14.00   

   White      Pai Mu Tan
      China    2oz  $10.00    
 Celebrate the traditional Japanese tea ceremony  known as the 'Way of Tea' since the 12th Century.  This highly shaded green tea uses the entire leaf delicately ground into a silky smooth green-colored powder that dissolves completly in your bowl with a little whisking.  Naturally occuring vitamins A and C, potassium and iron, nutrients and fiber.  Share with a friend or enjoy on your own!  For more information on the ceremony, send us a message.

Matcha Powder   1oz $11.00

    Bamboo Spoon        $ 5.00
Specialty Teas
Golden Pu-Erh
Aged 5 years in a dark cave in Yunnan Provence.
Mellowed and Highly Prized.
2 oz  $14.00  4oz  $28.00