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Ken Graves, Roastmaster

Wendy Graves, General Manager
About P. Hawk Coffee and Tea
P. Hawk Coffee and Tea is an independent, family-owned and operated business right here in Casper, Wyoming.  With a commitment to bringing the goodness of fresh-roasted coffee to the area, we were established in 1998.  Other companies may offer similar products and catering, but our services are the best and come with our personal touch.

We are often asked about the unique company name.  Here is the skinny:  a nickname for Ken - "Hawk" - became "Pa Hawk" with grandchildren and then became just plain P. Hawk.  Additional life experiences resulted in "Pheasant Hawk" (another story altogether!) which became part of our e-mail address.  When we started this journey we were "brokering" coffees from across the country that were roasted by other micro roasters.  Our ultimate goal was to have our own roaster.

We began selling Rooibos Tea mid 1999 because of the wonderful properties of this herbal tisane.  Following a trade show session, we enhanced our teas to include premium selections from around the world and some marvelous flavored teas.

We know the secret to freshness and minimal waste - roast the beans the same day the customer wants them.  Our first roast was on October 27, 2001.  We use a fluid bed roaster with a built-in microprocessor to roast the perfect pound for you every time.

Our roasterie is small and open by appointment.  Ken has sipped many cups of coffee and tea with people from all over the world who stop by just to see our operation.  Many customers have traveled the world (even to coffee-producing areas) either taking P. Hawk's roasted beans with them or being ever-so-thankful to be back in the USA and glad to call us to order.

P. Hawk is passionate about coffee and tea.

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"From the first cup to the last, fresh roasted goodness from the past."
Pheasant Hawk